Weekend Open Bar: The Horrors of Childhood are Adulthood’s Sweet Nostalgia

Guilty of nostalgia, motherfuckers! Of the honeying of childhood, the discarding of its various horrors, and the embracing of its warm glow. Listen, if you watch the stream you know that my childhood was wonderfully replete with woes. At the same time, it was also a time of magic. Nothing quite rocks one’s ass like a childhood discovery. Be it a horror film that sculpted your brain, a video game that changed your life, or a metal album that had you throwing up the metal horns. Fucking A, bro! Sure, you grow, and continue to find things you love. Hopefully! Hopefully.

I suppose I should acknowledge that many people find themselves despondent in their aging corpus, and retreat into the bosom of nostalgia. They suckle upon the curdling milk of Mother Wayback’s teats. That ain’t healthy, and I do pride myself on continuing to find joy and wonder in new experiences, even as I approach Middle Age. That said, there’s a joy to rekindling old memories with friends, such as you fucks, here at the Weekend Open Bar and on the streams.

What the fuck does that have to do with this post? Eh! Pretty much fucking nothing. But, if I were to attempt a connection? I would say that the Weekend, and with you pricks, is where I delve deepest into nostalgia. All the while making new memories with you lovely fucks, you delicious degenerates.

So, fucking hell! Let’s go, fellas! Let’s spend the weekend together! Discussing what we’re enjoying, discussing what we’re anticipating, even discussing what we¬†have enjoyed and is on our mind.

That’s the function of this here digital function hall (more of a Tavern really), at the Weekend Open Bar!