Watch: Boston Dynamics has created dancing robots. The Apocalypse will have rhythm!

You know, it’s just a matter of time until the robot apocalypse. However, at least the robots themselves will have fun. Shaking their asses, pivoting their pelvises. All thanks to Boston Dynamics giving the ability to dance. I’m glad to see they’re going to be able to literally dance on our ashes after they fell us in the Great War.


New Groove
A new video shows a crew of Boston Dynamics robots busting some impressive dance moves, to the beat of The Contours’ 1962 smash hit “Do You Love Me”:

Dance Party
The clip, like many others that Boston Dynamics has released in the past, is an extraordinary testament to the capabilities of its homebrewed robots.

The company’s humanoid Atlas bot shines in the video with a variety of deft twists, gyrations and even jumps, and the dog-like Spot gets into the rhythm as well. Its ostrich-like Handle robot also makes an appearance, though it’s more underwhelming.

Different Now
Boston Dynamics’ technical prowess is beyond repute (NASA has even suggested sending a modified Spot unit to Mars) but the company’s secretive collaborations with law enforcement and the military have also led to fears that the robots could become tools of repression or even Terminator-like killing machines.