Weekend Open Bar: we can do it if we try

weekend open bar we can do it if we try

Wowzers, it’s been a year. Wowzers, it’s been a week. I’m fucking drained, my dudes. Just straight-up, flat-out fucking fatigued. Thankfully, I got a couple days to convalesce before it’s right back to the Thresher. It’s autumn here, which means it’s dark early. It’s also climate change here, which means somehow it’s in the fucking 70s this weekend. Despite being deeply uncomfortable as to why it’s warm out, I’ll take the development.

Anyways, how the fuck are you folks? I’m ready to hang out with you fucks weekend! Spend some time with you all here, spend some time with you all at the stream tomorrow night. Let’s hunker down here at the Open Bar, high five each other, and propel one another through the malingering gloom that is 2020.

This is Weekend Open Bar, what’s good with you?