Weekend Open Bar: All Hallows Eve!

weekend open bar all hallows eve

Happy Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, motherfuckers! It’s Halloween tomorrow, and it’s fixing up to be a wild, weird, chaotic one just like all of this year. Today, we got motherfucking snow blasting our ass! Snow! October 30! Which makes me deeply glad I don’t have a commute this semester. Tomorrow! A COVID Halloween! Which means the usual coterie of parties and treat-giving is down to a mere simmer.

A weird year. A distance year. Apparently, a fucking snowy year.

However, that’s the glory of the Space-Ship Omega hurtling through the digiverse! Despite being separated by sickness and space-time, we can still spend this Halloween together here at the Open Bar!

Grab some snacks from the Jack-O-Lantern, kick off your shoes, and cozy up to the hearth! It’s time to spend the weekend together! Tell me, what are you up to this weekend? Watching any horror flicks in celebration of Samhain? Hanging out with us on the stream tomorrow night? Checking out the premiere episode of The Mandalorian S2?  Maybe cracking a new video game or so?

I want to know! I want to hang! This is Halloween Weekend Open Bar!