Weekend Open Bar: Glad It Is A Long Weekend

weekend open bar it is a long weekend

Motherfuckers, clap your heads and shout to the skies. It’s the first long weekend of the semester! Let me tell you good friends, it ain’t a moment too soon. Nope! Not at all. Though I have to admit, this week has found me getting more into the swing of this whole virtual existence. It’s all relative, of course. I mean, I’m emotionally exhausted. Wearied about another nine weeks. But at the same time? I really enjoyed my classes this week, and I’ve appreciated some of the smaller virtues of working from home.

Be it watching the leaves fall outside my window, or being able to take a walk before class starts in the morning. This plague has afforded us more time, those of us fortunate to be employed, and healthy.

It ain’t half-bad, it ain’t half-bad.

I hope you’re all hanging in there, too! Let’s spend some time together on this extended, cooler, more dimly lit weekend. Right here, in the motherfucking Open Bar!

Are you folks doing anything particular this weekend? Playing someĀ Squadrons? Decorating forĀ All Hallows’ Eve? Maybe eating apple cider donuts and ripping catastrophic farts in your living room? Whatever the case, I want to know! I want to chat.

This is Weekend Open Bar!