Monday Morning Commute: Meditation and Magic

monday morning commute meditation and magic

It’s Tuesday, somewhere. It’s Tuesday, here! But, is it really Tuesday here? Who knows when you’re accessing this. Or, how you’re accessing this. From a phone, in 2025? From the past, via a digital-psychic projection? Are you wallowing in flesh-bound linear timespace? Or, have you transcended? Am I even fucking alive when you read this? Am I even alive right now, as I type this/typed this/will be typing this? Man, I don’t fucking know.

What do I know? That I’m lucky enough to have a place to vomit about space. What do I know? That I’m lucky enough to have you fellow fellows who are willing to engage in my hippie stupidity! What do I know? That I’m about to share what I’m looking forward to this week, and then I’m going to humbly request you join me in the comments section!

How the fuck does that sound? Did that sound? Will that sound? Hopefully good/good/good!

This is Monday Morning Commute.


daniel ricciardo


Friends, Formula 1 is back this week! This is an incredible development for someone who was absolutely fucking taken with the Netflix documentary series, Drive to Survive. Not feeling my excitement? Well, it appears then that you’re an asshole who didn’t take my advice and watch the show. Fuck you. Probably watching fucking, I don’t know, Batwoman. Kiss my ass and say “thank you” for the honor or something.

Oh! Fuck. Where was I?

I’m also anticipating AEW’s Fyter Fest this week! The company canceled their proper PPV, and they’re rolling out the fest as a two-week special on TNT with PPV quality matches. Pretty, pretty fucking difficult to turn my nose up at that, you know?


Well, I finally finished Mr. Robot last week! And I’ve got to say! I think Sam Esmail nailed the fucking landing. Was it a perfectly placid transition through time and space, to arrive there? No, of course not. But, what fucking ride is flawless? Not many, at best. Furthermore, I’m fucking gladdened and stunned that the show, honestly, ends on a pretty uplifting now. If I’m being honest, I find nihilism boring most of the time. Especially with the current climate. We don’t need nihilism, we need radical hope.

Speaking of radical hope, I’m currently watching The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Holy fucking Third Eye, friends. What a wonderful little animated hallucination. It’s co-created by Duncan Trussell and the mind behind Adventure Time, Pendelton Ward. What the fuck is it, you ask? I’ll tell ya! It’s snippets of Trussell’s podcast, namely meditations on Life, Death, and Everything. However, these meditations are set to glorious animation, and really, really trippy shit. For those looking to transcend the material plane, at least intellectually, you need to check it out.

final fantasy xii zodiac age


Speaking of nihilism, I’m really having a hard time talking myself into playing The Last of Us Part II. Everything I’ve played so far? Excellent. Everything I haven’t played yet? I assume is excellent. But, man. Do I really need to wallow through the dregs? Right now? Or, should I be sprinting off into Ivalice in Final Fantasy 12? It just seems so much more tempting. You know? Grind some. Hang out with Balthier and the folx. That sort of happy shit. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll split my time. Dilute the misery with some Zodiac Age.

Meanwhile, Dead Cells 4BC awaits us this week! I’m ready to get my dick kicked in by my sultry mistress.

rock flag and eagle

[Fourth of July]

What am I not sweating, this week? Why, the Fourth of July! I mean, just straight-up nothing happening. You know? And I encourage nothing to be happening for you assholes, too. Stay the fuck inside. Or keep your parties small. I need sports this fall, and we all collectively need the country to get its shit together. See! I can balance the pithy personal reasons with the benefit of the collective. That said, maybe I am a little bit excited. ‘Cause Bags and I are gonna take a particularly long, gnarly-ass bike ride on the Fourth. Gotta do something! Then, we will be streaming like motherfuckers that evening! Hope you’ll join us!


That’s really it for me, friends! Tell me, what are you up to this week? Blowing off some limbs with firecrackers? Transcending time and space? Playing some Animal Crossing or some shit? I want to know!