Monday Morning Commute: Bang!

monday morning commute bang

I slept like a motherfucker Friday evening, friends. Or should I say, about 3 am on Saturday morning until 11:30 or so. By God, could I finally be relaxing? I mean, I ain’t been sleeping at all during this Rolling Nightmare. But, I think with the semester ending and myself accepting the homeostasis of such, I’m relaxing a bit. Fuck, I hope so! Maybe it’s a one-off, but I’m hoping for an emergent theme.

Anyways, I’m hanging in there. Can’t really complain, all things considered. Got my (physical) health, a tenuous grasp on my (mental) health, and I enjoy hanging out with you little fuckers.

You know the goddamn drill with this column, you really do! Unless you’ve just stumbled across this Monument to Madness! In which case, I’ll let you know. This is Monday Morning Commute! Every week, us depraved denizens of the Space-Ship gather! Then, we shoot the shit about what we’re up to on a given week. The books we’re reading! The genitals we’re manipulating! The games we’re playing. Anything and everything!

And per usual, I’ll go first.


A bit of a slow week for me, in the form of movie-watching. I checked out the first two Death Wish flicks. Our own Jerkface (Moustachelazors on Twitch) described it best. I absolutely hate the politics of the movies, but Jesus Fuck are they fun. Looking forward to watching the third with Bags this weekend. Speaking of the two of us, we watched From Dusk Til Dawn over the weekend, and my word. What a fucking flat out preposterous movie, and I mean that in the best way possible.

[Video Games]

Well, Bags and I fucking did it! We beat Dead Cells 2BC last night, a mere day after attempting it. Now, we just gotta do it for you folks on the stream. Then? I imagine it’s getting the more difficult biomes down on 2BC, before we continue our travels onto the next difficulty setting. Meanwhile, I really need to get back into FF7 Remake. I enjoy it! A lot! It’s just that other mediums have been tugging on my pockets, and I have been following their implorations. Such as?

the stand


Consuming The Stand, my friends! I’m about 200 pages in, and still really enjoying it. I can only imagine how much I’m going to enjoy it when Shit Hits The Fan, if I’m digging the meaning introductions to cast of characters. With semester break hitting, I’m really looking to crack the son of a gun open. As well, it’s fun talking about the novel with the various King fans on stream! That tacks-on an added motivation to really dive into the motherfucker.


This weekend sees AEW’s PPV “Double or Nothing” finally happening, and I’m stoked. I’ll admit, it’s sort of odd to watch wrestling sans-crowds. But out of the major entities, I’ve found AEW to handle it the best. Or, maybe I’m just partial to their production and roster. That said, it’s gonna be weird-as-fuck to watch a proper PPV without the pops and smarks making themselves known.

Better than nothing, though, in this barren days.


I’m using this opportunity to plug an ambient/synthwave/somethingwave album by our own Riff! Dude was asked by my wife to create some original music for her yoga videos, and just came out swinging. The whole son of a bitch is on Spotify, but I pressed him into uploading a couple tracks to YouTube so I could share them with you all. They tracks are drastically different, but both are rad.

First, there’s “That’s Strange” which is groovier, aggressive synth track. And then second, there’s the one he created for Sam titled “Bright Sun”, which is a more evolving, chill piece she set to a 12-minute yoga flow.

Both super fucking gnarly, though!


That’s about it for me, my friends. Really just enjoying winding down for a bit, reading The Stand, and playing the living fuck out of Dead Cells. What are you guys digging into this week?