Weekend Open Bar: Dusk Sets On Another Grind (For Me)

weekend open bar dusk sets

It’s the end of another work week for me, my friends. I’m privileged enough to be able to work from home, and I’m definitely not on the front lines of this pandemic. That said, holy fucking shit. I mean, I’m fucking exhausted. I thought I was going to dread the Spring semester ending. However, that fucking Nuclear Take has been revised. Not only is the Typical End of Semester Fatigue hitting, but it’s stacking with COVID-19 Anxiety and Figuring Out How To Teach From Home. This fucking trifecta?

It has me falling to my goddamn knees today and thanking my Lord and Savior JCVD for a temporary respite.

In fact, given that I live in The Best State In The Nation, I got myself a long weekend. Granted, it’s a joke of a holiday, but not of a state. I’ll take it, though. I’ll take extra days off for any raison d’être for bringing the long weekend into play.

And, guess what! Trash Lords! Vagabonds! Degenerates! Innocent passersby! And, most importantly! Citizens of the  Space-Ship Omega! I want to spend these next few days with you! Sharing in the camaraderie of a peoples locked in physical place, but accessible across the DigiVerse!

What are you doing this weekend? To stay sane? To stay sated? To purge your genitals? Playing some Final Fantasy VII? Watching a movie or two? Ideally, joining Bags and me on our stream?

Let’s spend some time together.

This is Weekend Open Bar!