‘Castlevania’ is officially getting a Season 4. I’m staked, I mean stoked, get that shitty pun?!

castlevania season 4

Castlevania is officially getting a season 4, motherfuckers! And I’m goddamn all-in! ‘Cause as lukewarm as I was on the second season, I’m throbbing hot for the third.


Castlevania’s third season on Netflix premiered on March 5, and they didn’t wait long to tell us No. 4 is confirmed, too.

Word went out on Friday with a very brief video announcement over Twitter. The animated series’ 10-episode season ended on a cliffhanger that seemed to express confidence a fourth season would be coming (and it may even orient the story toward the first game), so this is hardly a surprise to fans.

The third season we just watched was also quickly confirmed (five days after it premiered in October 2018), it just took a little while longer to hit Netflix. But that one also had a bigger episode order (with attendant budget), and writer Warren Ellis said he “went a bit mad and kind of tested the boundaries of the thing.”

The first two seasons (the 4-episode debut in July 2017, and the 8-episode run in 2018) adapted the 1990 prequel game Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse. The third season drew material from 1997’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and 2005’s Curse of Darkness.