Weekend Open Bar: As Gnarly As You Let It Be!

weekend open bar as gnarly as you let it be

And a good goddamn Weekend to you all, you fuckers! How are you doing? Attempting to keep the Pushing Through A Malaise and Interacting With Others space-ship going! As well, it’s pretty easy keep reaching out and high-fiving motherfuckers when it’s the weekend. I mean, right?

Speaking of which, grab a chair! Pull up a bean bag! Sit down directly on your balls and scream mercilessly!

I don’t care what you do. So long as you hang out with me this weekend! After all, that’s the point of the motherfucking Open Bar!

Are you fucks seeing any movies this weekend? Smoking yourself into the Astral Plane and contemplating the fleeting nature of our meat sacs? Joining Bags and me for our first stream in weeks? Fuck, I hope so.

Let’s shoot the shit the next couple of days! I miss ya’ll.

This is Weekend Open Bar!