Monday Morning Commute: Good News

monday morning commute good news

What’s up, my friends? I must confess I’ve been staring at an empty text box for the past ten minutes. Trying to come up with something more gripping than “what’s up friends?” – but here we are. Just a poorly caffeinated dude (way below my usual levels, but I’m working on it), wanting to hang out. With ya’ll! The fellow occupants of the sovereign state known as Space-ship Omega!

We’re into the second actual, full, meaty week of the year. The holidays receding into memory, though not without subtle reminders. For me? The tightness in my waistbands, the billing statements stacking up. And with that infinite recession comes the reality that, oh fuck, there ain’t any respite arriving any time soon.

However! That’s what we have the art & farts & sharts for! To serve as a balm for the existential soul, helping us to get through the grind. And, wouldn’t you fucking know it! This here Monday Morning Commute serves as a community to communicate the various things we’re enjoying, and looking forward to, in a given week.

I’ll go first! ‘Cause, you know, I’m writing the motherfucking thing.


listening to:

Mac Miller – Good News


Moneybagg yo, Future – Federal Fed,

ALEX, TOKYO – Antagonist,

Plini, Adam Nolly Getgood- Blue Angel


daring to:

eat healthy, after a sprawling winter break





gears 5

fallen order



the nfl playoffs. got my packers and 49ers still in it. against each other.








netflix three-part documentary titled don’t f**k with cats



hunter s. thompson – generation of swine


having watched and enjoyed:

parallax view



the chase (good god, kristy swanson)

uncut gems


that’s it for me, friends! The fuck you up to, this week? Let’s hang out!