‘Joker’ Final Trailer: Send in the clowns!

This trailer for the Joker flick is wild, man. At the very least, it ain’t like anything we’ve ever seen in a DC movie. Is that good? Bad? We will see.


After announcing that a new trailer would drop on Wednesday, Todd Phillips and Warner Bros’ R-rated Joker kept us waiting for hours past the customary early-morning drop time favored by studios, but the time has finally arrived, so in the immortal words of Heath Ledger’s incarnation, “And here we go.”

There’s plenty to process in this trailer, but first, here’s a huge moment for the Clown Prince of Crime — when Arthur Fleck asks Robert De Niro’s TV host and Marc Maron’s character if they wouldn’t mind calling him “Joker” onstage? They seem alright with this request, little do they realize the mayhem to come.