Monday Morning Commute: Behold The Glow-Up!

monday morning commute the official glow up (2)

I’m off until September, but am I really up to something these days? I don’t know the answer, but I also don’t know if it matters. You know? Been padding my time with some sleeping. Some gaming. Watching movies. Doing work! Oh yard work. Cutting down shrubs, mowing the lawn, weeding. And, if I’m being honest? I enjoy it. A mixture of zen-like moments, and tangible progress. Anyways, this here is a tardy edition of Monday Morning Commute. The wank-off session where we all share what we’re up to across a given week.

The wank-off? Figurative. But, go ahead and be literal with it if you want.

I ain’t judging.

Anyhoo! Anyways! I’ll go first.


glow season 3

Sweating: Glow, season 3! One of the more pleasant television shows going! Grown in a lab to appeal to me. Wrestling. Babes. The 1980s Hell yes.


the evil within 2

Loving: The Evil Within 2! To the point where I really don’t want to finish it. But, if I don’t complete Red Dead Redemption 2 before school starts, I’m a fucking failure.


Contemplating: Snagging House of X! Man, I haven’t read comics in so fucking long. But, it’s one of my favorite authors taking on my childhood-favorite franchise.


the division 2

Returning: To The Division 2! Friend and I are finally wrapping it up, dudes.



Appreciating: The goofiness of Crawl! Saw it with Bateman. Exactly the sort of enjoyable B-movie it marketed itself as.



Celebrating: The return of football! Granted, it’s only the preseason. However, a man dying of dehydration will take whatever amount of water he can get. Right? Or something.


katana zero

Enjoying: Katana Zero! Absolutely unforgiving, but in the best way possible. As well, what a fucking surreal storyline.


above the law

Marvelling: The anti-Deep State insanity of Above The Law! Seagal had some fucking things to say, huh? I mean, now he hangs out with dictators. So, yeah.


That’s kind of/sort of it for me, friends. What are you enjoying this week? Anticipating? Wanking…to?