Rumor: Naughty Dog has a new IP in development for PlayStation 5 and I’m fucking here for it

naughty dog new ip

Naughty Dog? New IP for PlayStation 5? Fuck yeah.

Comic Book:

According to a new rumor, Naughty Dog — the developers of Uncharted and The Last of Us — are working on a new IP for PS5 called Stray’s Cross, a first-person action-adventure game within the steampunk genre. The idea that the prestigious Sony-owned developer is working on a new IP isn’t very surprising, considering it’s taking a break from the Uncharted series, but this is the first time we’ve heard anything about it. That said, given that this rumor is straight from the depths of 4chan, means there’s a considerable chance it’s inaccurate or downright fake.

The rumor claims the game doesn’t have a title yet, and that Stray’s Cross is simply a code name for an action-adventure, first-person game with steampunk elements. As you will know, while The Last of Us Part II is post-apocalyptic, much of its art design is still very grounded with realism, and so it’s interesting to hear — allegedly — that Naughty Dog may be spreading its wing with a steampunk design. Don’t get me wrong, you can still have a very grounded steampunk design that feels plucked straight from a real world, but usually steampunk games are a bit more fantastical in nature.

According to the rumor, there’s two protagonists, a former female scientist who’s described as a talented scholar that is fascinated by space-time science, and who discovered confidential documents that will lead her to discover a massive hidden truth. Meanwhile, the other protagonist — allegedly — is a wanted criminal man and a former construction worker unjustly arrested for protecting a wanted friend during a shootout with police.

The plot is said to center around a secret conflict that has lasted ages, and how this conflict is bringing an end to society as we know it.

“And the story begins with the casual meeting of the two protagonists, in completely different circumstances, who will soon find themselves having to work together to get what they are looking for,” adds the rumor.

The rumor claims all of this information was revealed during a recent meeting between Sony and Naughty Dog, and that it was made privy to them via an inside source at Naughty Dog. Again, take this with a BIG grain of salt.