Sylvester Stallone wants to reboot ‘Cobra’ as a streaming series. I’m here for some dorky fascist mayhem, Jack Bauer ain’t got shit

Sly wants to reboot Cobra as a streaming series. And at this point, like why the fuck not? We revive everything these fucking days, and people sure seem to like rogue fascists punching perps in the face.

AV Club:

When last we heard from Sylvester Stallone, the multi-hyphenate was back to daydreaming of his long-gestating Edgar Allen Poe biopic. The opium-addled writer, though, isn’t the only antihero populating Stallone’s head—Marion Cobretti still lingers as well. Better known as Cobra, the character’s 1986 namesake isn’t considered one of Stallone’s best films, but Stallone clearly has affection for that opponent of all things social Darwinistic.

During a Q&A with Stallone at the Cannes Film Festival this week, Stallone reflected on the film while revealing his plans to reboot it. “That (conceit) was what if Bruce Springsteen had a gun? That was rock n’ roll meets drama,” he said (via Deadline). “That should have been another franchise because that character was so cool. And I blew it. My personal life got in the way. But we’re trying to bring it back as a streaming TV series. Bring out the zombie squad. I’m long gone, but the idea is really good.”

While streaming culture’s proven to be a boon for creators and revivals, the field is getting crowded when not even a MacGruber reboot can find a home in the streamer-scape. As such, we’d be curious to hear what the response is to a sequel series to a poorly received not-so-classic cult film from the mid-‘80s. Also, what does a rock star with a gun look like these days? Not Bruce Springsteen, that’s for sure.

Stallone’s Q&A revealed some other interesting tidbits as well, including doubling down on his assertion that he has no plans on returning to the Creed universe. Why? Because he sees a future for more Rocky films. “I have a great idea for Rocky. He finds this fella in the country illegally and it becomes a whole thing,” he says. “It’s like the magician who lost his tricks. You’ve seen everything, but what can be different? Throw him out of the country, he’s in another world.” Obviously, that just sounds like the seeds of an idea for now, so we’ll never if Balboa’s story rolls on.

He also touched on Rambo V: Last Blood, which finds the decades-old action hero going home, though, per Stallone, “in a way he never arrives.”

“He has a hard time. He has a beautiful ranch, but he lives underground. This is how he deals with his dilemma,” Stallone says. “There’s something subterranean in Vietnam. He has an adopted family there. His father has passed on. The housekeeper who is 70 has a granddaughter. He’s her surrogate father.” If that all sounds very not-Rambo, have faith: “Bad things happen. There’s going to be some serious vengeance in this movie. A lot of people getting hurt.” Okay, then.