‘Legion’ Season 3 Trailer: One last time down the mutant rabbit hole!

I can’t really comment on this trailer for the third season of Legion, as, well, I never watched the second. That said, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen of the series.

Indie Wire:

Imagine, if you will, a checklist of all the things a TV show would need to do to convey that things are Not As They Seem.

There would almost certainly be a scene shot through some kaleidoscopic filter. Images would twitch as disconnected audio played over ominous conversations. Characters would be levitating above the floor. There would definitely be an extreme close-up on someone’s eyeball and someone would absolutely make a visual allusion to “Alice in Wonderland.”

It would seem that the trailer for “Legion” Season 3 manages to fit all of those into a 60-second span. (If a show is going to wrap up at the end of the season, might as well fit everything in while there’s still time.)

The series still follows enigmatic superbeing David Haller (Dan Stevens) as outside forces seem to control (or, at the very least, explain) his ability to manipulate matter, time, and the core tenets of reality that humans usually tend to abide by. Though the context of their relationship has changed wildly since the beginning of the series, Syd (Rachel Keller) is still present, trying to solve the mystery of David’s various times spent away from this plane of existence.

In other words, everyone is trying to figure out what’s happening, while the malicious Shadow King continues his (its?) quest to bring about widespread annihilation. Given the recent convergence of Marvel-controlled properties, it seems like a little more of the world of X-Men is going to seep into these upcoming episodes. (That brain-reading device sure looks an awful lot like Cerebro!)

Given that setup, it’s still surprising to see the show embrace this much vibrant color and brightly-lit menacing smiles. Season 3 may not bring us closer to understanding the full scope of what’s going on, but if it amasses another collection of filmmakers on par with those who directed episodes in the first two seasons (Hiro Murai, Ana Lily Amirpour, Sarah Adina Smith, Charlie McDowell, among others), it should be a spectacle to behold.

Watch the trailer (including some people who look like they’re not going to use giant meat cleavers as directed) below:

“Legion” Season 3 premieres Monday, June 24 on FX.