AVENGERS: ENDGAME — A Mega-Spoiler-Filled Discussion!

Holy smokes — it’s finally AVENGERS: ENDGAME weekend!

Even if this movie were just a follow-up to last year’s INFINITY WAR, it’d be crazy-anticipated. But it isn’t. This movie is the culmination of over ten years of narrative thread interwoven throughout over twenty movies.

It’s an unprecedented aspiration in the history of filmmaking.

So, let’s discuss this Super Bowl of blockbuster movies! What’d y’think of the final installment of the now-dubbed INFINITY SAGA?


I loved it.

I’ve seen ENDGAME twice now, and it gives me exactly what I was looking for. Hell, it also gives me a lot that I never would’ve looked for but I’m sure glad I stumbled into.

I mean, a time-jumpin’ heist adventure that gives BACK TO THE FUTURE 2-styled returns to previous moments from this mega-franchise? C’mon, how do you not love that?

With that said, it’s not all nostalgia, as there’s some really crafty character development and twists and turns along the way. Thor Lebowski? Tony biting it? Old Man Stevie? Natasha’s death? I never anticipated any of this!

And, yeah, there’s some serious fan-service moments…but, in my humble estimation, they were all well executed. I mean, that final battle is cinematic equivalent of a giant two-page splash, and if you’ve spent years reading comics it’s bound to make you pump your fist and spit soda through your retainer.

Quite frankly, I’m struggling to focus my thoughts, so I’m going to just post this as is and hope that enough of you jump into the fray so we can hash out our thoughts in the comments section!

What’d you like? What’d you love? What made you weep?