Views From The Space-Ship: Anytime, anyplace!

desktop thursdays anytime

It’s Thursday, my dudes! And, my god, is it fucking late. Taught during the day, then I tutored for four hours straight, and then I worked out for three hours straight. Which is to say, I’m tired! But, I didn’t want Thursday to pass without dropping a new Desktop Thursdays! So, let’s sprint through these looks at my world! Then, share glimpses into your own realities in the comments.





Frank Dux and Ray Jackson, reporting for Kumite!



Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.

life is hard


Life. Is hard. Again. Always.



My wife in a shark onesie on Halloween at spin class. Blessed life, man.

spin spin spin


That’s it for me, friends! As I said, a quick sprint. How does your world look this week?