‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Launch Trailer: One more job for the gang, they said. As if that ever works out, right?

Jesus sweet Fuck, this game is really a week-and-change away? I’m more than ready to throw my free time away.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is steaming into its Oct. 26 launch date, the recent discomfort over the hours worked on it notwithstanding. Today’s launch trailer establishes a classic Western tale of theft, rivalry, revenge, blazing rifles and fanning six-shooters.

Red Dead Redemption launched in 2010, and was still a sprawling and seemingly endless cowboy fable. Red Dead Redemption 2 figures to be even more expansive, with an even larger map that includes the territory of the original game.

In this trailer, we get a look at what life was like inside Dutch van der Linde’s gang. The husky voice of John Marston’s original actor may be heard 40 seconds in. Red Dead Redemption 2, set in 1899, is a prequel to the events of Red Dead Redemption, which was set in 1911.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A multiplayer mode called Red Dead Online, similar to Grand Theft Auto 5’s Grand Theft Auto Online, is expected to launch in November.