Weekend Open Bar: Let’s Get Weird!

weekend open bar lets get weird

Let’s get weird, motherfuckers! ‘Cause it’s the weekend! Let’s get weird, motherfuckers! Cause it’s the weekend, and it’s the twentieth of April! You know! That day. That probably means nothing to you!

But that said, this week it’s the Weekend Open Dispensary! Ha, get it?

Or, Open Bar! Or, Open Bar & Dispensary! Or, none of the above!

None of that really matters though! Notice the italics! That’s how serious I am. What does matter, then? What matters is that you join me in this here column to share what you’re up to this weekend!

Ripping draughts? Ripping bongs? Gorging on an MCU marathon to prepare for Infinity War? Watching some PlayoffSport?

Let me know! Come hang out at the Weekend Open Bar & Dispensary!