Chis Hemsworth in talks to star in ‘Men in Black’ spin-off. I’m here for this, dudes

chris hemsworth men in black spin off

Chris Hemsworth, be still my fucking heart. I’m ready to watch you continue the self-aware comedic chops you cut in Thor: Ragnarok in this Men In Black spin-off-reboot-revival thing.

AV Club:

Since it seems like the Blackhat series isn’t going to take off any time soon, Chris Hemsworth has apparently turned his eyes to a different, similarly named action series he can spend time with when he’s not making Marvel movies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hemsworth is “in early negotiations” to star in Sony’s Men In Black spin-off, which is said to be a Jurassic World-style revival of the series that expands on its universe without including the same characters.

As we reported at the beginning of the month, F. Gary Gray is in negotiations to direct the film, so there are apparently a lot of negotiations happening at Sony’s Men In Black department these days. Apparently, the studio is looking for the leads in the film to be a “white male, a female of color, and an older man,” leaving two positions that are still open—assuming Hemsworth is the “white man.

Whoever stars in it, the new Men In Black will be in theaters on June 14, 2019.