‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ TV Spot: Luke Is Reunited With The Ship That Started The Adventure

The Last Jedi is going to make a zillion dollars. No one is going to be convinced either way at this point. So, what does Disney do? Naturally, they drop a TV spot that gives away a rather poignant moment. Which is why I’m not watching it, no way, fuck nah.


“Darkness rises, and the Light to meet it.” A new clip for The Last Jedi brings Luke Skywalker back to the ship that started it all, but that’s not the only place we see the Millennium Falcon.

The new clip gives us plenty of new glimpses at the upcoming film, including a few surprises. We get a better look at Snoke’s throne room, as well as Finn joining in the Battle on Crait. And look, the Falcon is there too! The Last Jedi arrives December 15, and tickets are currently on sale.