John Carpenter is directing a TV pilot written by David Hayter, in today’s unexpected collaborations

john carpenter directing david hayter pilot

Voice of Solid Snaker, and writer of the first two X-Men movies, David Hayter has penned a TV pilot. That, that doesn’t really hold much juice. Doesn’t get the nads tingling. However! The fact that John Carpenter is directing it? Oh yes.

AV Club:

David Hayter is a screenwriter who wrote the first two X-Men movies and Watchmen, but to video game nerds, he’s more famous as the voice of superspy Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series. Given his experience as a gruff loner who prefers to speak only in puzzled reactions to exposition dumps, then, you’d think he’d be better at keeping things close to the vest. Unlike Snake, though, Hayter seems to have no problem talking about cool things that he might not be supposed to talk about yet.

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, Hayter recently revealed during a panel at the Manchester MCM Comic Con that he’s writing and producing a TV show, with John Carpenter attached to direct the pilot. He says that a network hasn’t picked up the project yet, so this all seems pretty early, but he hopes that they’ll be able to make a proper announcement “very soon.” Assuming this happens and Hayter isn’t overplaying his hand, this pilot would be one of the first things Carpenter has directed since The Ward in 2010—a length of time that Solid Snake would probably say something about.