‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer: Democracy Is Coming To The USA

You know, I fucking hated the second season of Mr. Robot. I found it to be equal parts plodding, self-indulgent, and pretentious. Yet, I’m going to level with you. This trailer has me excited for the show’s third season. It’s me, the eternal optimist-sucker.


On Friday, Mr. Robot gave us a first look at the highly anticipated season of the USA hacker drama as well as a premiere date. Whereas the first two seasons debuted in July, season three won’t be here until October 11, 2017 — making fans wait an agonizing 13 months since the second season wrapped. But rather than simply just drop the teaser all willy nilly, in true Mr. Robot form the show instead led fans on a wild goose chase with a drawn out riddle on social media, tweeting lines from Leonard Cohen’s 1992 song, “Democracy,” only naturally hacker-fied with random numbers and capitalized digits. Likewise, the teaser itself is set to an ominous spoken word version of the song.