‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 finale is going to be as long as a movie

game of thrones season 7 finale longest ever

I’ve been binging 1980s action flicks lately, and as I have, I’ve realized something. The perfect length for (almost) any movie is 90 minutes. 97 minutes with credits. So, shoutout to Game of Thrones for capping off their seventh season with a perfect-length film.


Game of Thrones’ seventh season will be the shortest yet, but that won’t be the same for the actual episodes themselves.

Watchers on the Wall, a Game of Thrones-dedicated site that gained notoriety for a number of accurate leaks when it first launched, discovered the length of all seven episodes posted on HBO’s website, including the finale. It will run for 81 minutes, according to their information, making it one of the longest in Game of Thrones history.

Despite the episodes feeling longer over the past couple of seasons — not in a bad way — they have remained mostly within the 54 and 57 minute range. This season, there will be two episodes that come in at record-breaking runtimes for the series: the sixth episode, which will be 71 minutes, and the aforementioned finale. The entire season will run seven hours and 20 minutes, according to Watchers, for those who look forward to binging.

The longest episode before this season was last season’s finale, “The Winds of Winter,”which came in at 68 minutes.

Game of Thrones returns for its seventh season on July 16.