‘Death Note’ Live-Action Trailer: Shall We Begin?

Man, I never watched (all, I think I watched like four episodes?) of Death Note. But I’m rather intrigued by this adaptation. I dig the director behind it, and the trailer itself got its hooks in me. Here’s hoping, bro!

The Verge:

A live-action version of Death Note is coming to Netflix later this year, and we’ve just gotten the first teaser trailer. Here, Light Turner (The Fault In Our Stars’ Nat Wolff) finds the titular Death Note, and soon discovers that whoever is named in the supernatural notebook will die. It’s at that point that he decides to use the book to kill criminals — all while being watched by the bored shinigami Ryuk (Willem Dafoe).

Death Note, directed by Blair Witch director Adam Wingard, is based on the popular 2003 manga series of the same name. In addition to Wolff and Dafoe, the film will also feature the likes of Altanta’s Keith Stanfield as Light’s nemesis L and The Leftovers’ Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, a take on the original series’ Misa Amane.

The series enjoyed considerable international acclaim during its original run, spawning movies, video games, and even a musical in 2015. However, similar to the controversy surrounding Ghost in the Shell, the casting for this particular live-action outing has been criticized since the male and female leads are both white, whitewashing the original characters. Audiences will have to wait and see if the film can rise above the criticism. Death Note premieres on Netflix on August 25th.