‘Fargo’ Season 3 TV Spot: Meet The New Folks!

Fargo‘s third installment marches ever closer, and as it does my excitement swells ever larger. Here’s a new promo for the (best) show (on TV), which focuses on its new cast of characters.


It’s only another month’s wait before everyone can finally lay their eyes on Fargo‘s much-anticipated third season. FX has been slowly but enticingly dropping Season 3 promos like delicious miniseries breadcrumbs over the past few weeks, and while each individual promo is mostly nonsensical and doesn’t tell the audience anything concrete about the upcoming season, the group of brief peeks at the show still might qualify as the best show on television. There have been promos centered on air conditioners, police station lineups, and an innocent enough diner tableau (there’s always an innocent-seeming diner tableau).

Now, the show finally teases something more concrete with a short video introducing each of the main players in Season 3. The expert combination of good characters and great acting has been Fargo‘s strength the past few seasons and based on this look that isn’t about to change too drastically. These characters have been built up though, and have high expectations attached if only because of the names they’ve been granted — how can you not be pumped to see Gloria Burgle and Nikki Swango go head to head!

The latest promo actually goes far enough to introduce Burgle and Swango, the former doing her sheriff’s duty (complete with Carrie Coon’s newly revealed stellar North Dakota accent) and the latter doing whatever sketchy criminal activity her character gets up to. Other characters glimpsed include both of Ewan McGregor’s set of twins Emit and Ray Stussy, Michael Stuhlberg’s Sy Feltz, and David Thewlis’ VM Vargas (all also amazing names!). It was true before this promo, and it’s truer now, this season is going to be so entertaining.