‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner returning to TV with an Amazon series

matthew weiner amazon

The creator of Mad Men is returning to television, so long as we continue to use television as an antiquated signifier. Matthew Weiner has signed a deal with Amazon to bring an anthology series to the company’s streaming service.


Since writing for one of the greatest TV shows ever, and creating one of theother greatest TV shows ever, Matthew Weiner has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. Sure, he directed an episode of Orange Is the New Black, but that came out, like, forever ago (four months). What’s he done for us lately? Oh, you’re saying he created another show that just got a straight-to-series order? Which he’s also writing, directing, and producing? And that Amazon paid $70 million for the rights to eight episodes? I guess that will do.

Deadline reports that Weiner’s new project “has landed at The Weinstein Company and Amazon [and will] air on the streaming service, in a $70 million commitment for eight-episode straight-to-series order.” The premise will be familiar to anyone who enjoyed reading Mad Men‘s vague episode summaries: “Weiner is turning his attention to present day with the untitled series, which we hear is contemporary anthology set in multiple locations worldwide.”

So, it takes place on Earth in the 2010s? Got it.

“In a time when there are so many options for entertainment, it’s been tremendous to see how Roy Price and Amazon have taken center stage by distinguishing themselves through bold choices,” Weiner said in a statement. “I am truly excited to have this opportunity to work with risk takers like them and Harvey and The Weinstein Company who have a proven, longstanding commitment to creative voices and innovation.”