Wracked in the Wasteland Part 4: The Island


I had to take a break. So many deaths. It was becoming work to keep progressing in Survival.  I’ve come to accept now that occasionally I will be behind the power curve and the enemies will stomp me into oblivion until I catch up. I know this now.

After I took a week off, I wanted to dive right in (pun intended) to the Far Harbor content. I died a few times making my way up to the North East corner of the Commonwealth, but that’s to be expected at this point.

Once I finished the introductory quest and boarded the boat to Far Harbor, I was blown away. You’d think after almost 200+ hours play on a game, there is no DLC that could impress you or hook you the way the game did when it was brand new.  I was totally wrong.  The aesthetic. The vibe. The fog. Far Harbor sucked me right in.

I don’t want to totally spoil it in this entry, but Far Harbor is about a conflict between the Children of Atom and the humans of Far Harbor. The synths of Acadia seem to be in the middle, at least when you first get to the island.  There are a lot of twists and turns to the plot of the DLC and I really enjoyed it. This entry covers the first half of my adventures on this foggy island.


Before hitting Far Harbor, I wanted to set up The Castle and finish some of the minutemen stuff. Sarge had to go!


Testing out Artillery


On my way North East and of course I get sidetracked. #justfalloutthings


I’m on a boat


Immediate impression on making landfall – This place is gorgeous


Mirelurk.  It’s whats for dinner.


Dis chicken is Rad.




Still beautiful


and still climbing


Up we go to Acadia. Longfellow in tow.


When in Rome. Put on a fisherman hat to blend in.


Trappers are the Raiders of Far Harbor.  They explode just the same when crit in the face.






It was at this very moment that I decided.  Fuck the Children of Atom.  This dude is trying to tell me, to even gain entrance into their submarine I have to drink some irradiated water.  Fuck that noise. I killed him. I killed his guards.  This made me hostile with an entire faction on the island. IDGAF. Screw you, man.  I had to kill every single man, woman and child of atom inside that sub. Every vendor.  Every merchant. Every named NPC. Every generic NPC. IDGAF.


This is what my life looked like inside the sub as I had to kill every single being inside. No joke on Survival mode.


Get reckt, Zealot Scum.


Watch the throne, Bitches. I cleared the whole sub out and sat on the head NPCs throne.  Fuck y’all.


I am incapacitated from lack of sleep. Incidentally, you cannot sleep in an area that is 100% hostile to you.  So once I murdered a Child of Atom, the whole sub went hostile and I couldn’t use a single bed.  Couldn’t save, couldn’t sleep. I popped so many Nukas just to make it through.  Once the caffeine wore off, my character could barely move and as you can see, I had a huge hit to my maximum AP. WORTH IT.



Victorious over the Children of Atom, it’s time to find out the truth about D.I.M.A. I love this DLC.