Loki’s in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, confirmed by Tom Hiddleston set photo

He’s back!

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I sure hope Marvel wasn’t trying to keep Loki’s presence in Thor: Ragnarok a secret. I’m imagining they aren’t, since, you know, Hiddleston just up and shared an image of himself dressed as the character on the set of the third film.


The fifth film in Marvel’s jam-packed Phase Three won’t fly into theaters until late 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the stars of Thor: Ragnarok from putting as many Hulk hands and crew cuts onto social media as possible. Hence actor Tom Hiddleston’s first and only Instagram post, in which he officially marks his return to the Thor film franchise by confirming his presence on set. This makes perfect sense as, per the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor’s scheming half-brother Loki is always two steps ahead of him whenever the God of Thunder enters the frame.

Along with the message, “He’s back!” all Hiddleston gives his followers is a taste of Loki’s look and costuming for Ragnarok. That, and a rockin’ set of hand horns to channel the spirit of the late Ronnie James Dio. Otherwise no other details are offered — aside from the fact that yes, Hiddleston will in fact be reprising the role of the orphaned frost giant-turned-god of mischief.

No one really knows how Loki will fit into Thor: Ragnarok‘s story. Hell, he might be nothing more than a bit of Captain America: Civil War-esque window dressing. With Cate Blanchett playing the villainous Hela, however, it’s a good bet his shenanigans will somehow align with (or manipulate) her own.