Japan has official ‘Evangelion’ Dumbbells; the Fourth Impact is you reppin’ out

get swole get swole

Yeah man! Fourth impact! Reppin’ out! Get as swole as Shinji is a miserable, unwatchable twat! Evangelion dumbbells!


Do you like Evangelion? Do you like working out? Do you live in Japan? If you answered yes to all these questions, I’m pretty sure you still won’t want these utterly ridiculous, yet totally real Evangelion-branded dumbbells.

Released by Army Dumbbell—which I believe is a brand in Japan, and not the actual Army’s hot new line of exercise equipment, but who knows—the dumbbells come in blue EVA Unit-01 and red EVA Unit-02, and have little NERV logos on the ends so you can feel like… uh… you’re in the workplace gym of a bizarre, semi-governmental organization designed to prevent the annihilation of humanity by massive, otherworldly beings named Angels who may actually be sent by God? Look, I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around these.

Crunchyroll has some specs:

With plates for adjusting the weight to 5, 7, or 10kg, the polyethylene (promoted for the benefit of not rusting, smelling or getting gold) sets, limited to 180,000 units, with bonus sports towel, go for 5,400 yen. Shipping is scheduled for July 9th

At the moment, 5,400 yen is about $53 USD, which seems pretty reasonable. I mean, in comparison to these things existing.

swole swole swole swole

swole swole~