Watch: Batista teaches Chris Pratt how to do a power bomb; Batista Bombing the Galaxy!

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I want to marry Pratt so badly, but I think I have like, at most, a 35% chance. I mean, it’s not because I’m worried, or I wouldn’t get my wife’s blessing. It’s just that he doesn’t return my telegrams, or Instagram messages, or psychic gonad mutterings.


It was bound to happen. Mouserat frontman (and billion-dollar franchise movie star) Chris Pratt has been in a couple of Marvel movies with former WWE Champion Dave Bautista, so it’s time for them to cut the sh*t and get down to the business of Batista Bombing people.

The first victim of Pratt’s new wrestling prowess is his wife, actress and lady who really needs to learn a hurricanrana counter Anna Faris. Here they are working on the move in a house with hardwood floors and chandeliers, because everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

Scary Movie? More like Scary Move, am I right, folks?
As the caption states, Faris is now using a pro wrestling career as a backup plan. Hey, she’s already better at taking powerbombs than Cameron. Bonus points if the end of Infinity War is just Starlord hitting a spinebuster on Thanos, giving him a double thumbs-down and sit-out powerbombing him while the High Evolutionary does the Randy Orton pose.

Batista, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris for this year’s King of Trios, please.