Watch: ‘Empire Strikes Back’ gets James Bond-esque Opening Credits


Due to the rules of how a Star Wars movie is supposed to begin and end, none of the movies in the saga have ever been given a stylish opening or closing credits sequence. Sadly, we’ll probably never see that happen unless the spin-off films decide to have a little style all their own. Even if they do, there will probably be plenty of fans outraged for straying away from tradition.

The good news is that one fan decided to have a little fun with the Star Wars credits by giving The Empire Strikes Back a credits sequence along the same stylish lines of a James Bond movie. The result is something that creates an entirely different tone for the movie, making it seem almost sexy.

There’s some really impressive graphics work being done here, enough that it hopefully got Rauffer a good grade since this was his thesis for New York’s School for Visual Arts. However, parts of this sequence feel like they’re part of an opening for the entire Star Wars trilogy rather than just The Empire Strikes Back. After all, there’s the Death Star trench run from the first movie, some green lightsaber blades and other little details that aren’t part of the sequel. But that doesn’t make it any less cool.

For those wondering, that song is Radiohead’s unused theme song that the band wrote for Spectre. It adds a certain haunting quality to Star Wars, making it seem like a much more quiet sci-fi movie than the big blockbuster adventure we all love. Maybe one day we’ll see a credits sequence like this in a Star Wars movie. But I won’t hold my breath.