Rumor: ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ being funded by Nintendo for Nintendo NX

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Despite all my posturing, annoyance, and lip-smacking stupidity, I’m going to end up getting a Nintendo NX at some point. If only for what is guaranteed to be AAA titles from Nintendo themselves. But a niche sequel to one of my favorite games of all time? That’ll excite me, too. I don’t think it’ll gain Nintendo back many of the casual fans, but for hardcore ding dongs like me? Palms sweating.

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Rumor: Nintendo funding Beyond Good and Evil sequel

According to a rumor received by Destructoid this week, the game may actually come to fruition in the not-too-distant future. If the information is to be believed, Nintendo has pulled a Bayonetta 2, securing the Beyond Good and Evil sequel as an NX exclusive for 2017.

So, what’s our source here? Our initial source of the rumor comes from Alexander Maier, the Dual Pixels writer who published Geno’s recent NX hardware rumors last weekend. Geno, who has successfully leaked new Pokémon forms and Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project, provided Maier with a lengthy document, which was passed on to Destructoid to assess for veracity.

We also reached out to a second source, who independently gave a number of the same bullet points regarding the future of Beyond Good and Evil. The number of points of crossover between these two sources suggests that this rumor, while not confirmed by Nintendo, may hold water.

According to the supposed leak, the game is currently assigned the working title Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers. This is apparently a reference to a specific chapter in the philosophical text Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche, which details how morality can be altered by authority, and the ways black-and-white morality overlooks the larger complexity of the nature of morals.

Basically, it’s the chapter about looking beyond the concepts of good and evil.

In much the same fashion as Bayonetta 2, Nintendo is reportedly hoping to win audience goodwill by putting money into the development of the long-in-limbo sequel, in exchange for it being an exclusive to the NX.