‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer: The Devil Is A Liar!

I really wanted to like this trailer. I did not like this trailer. None the less, I will remain cautiously optimistic.


After months of wondering, we’ve finally got the new Ghostbusters trailer, and it’s got everything you could ask for, including Slimer. Here it is, in all its glory.

One of the biggest plot hints, and something of a switch from the original movies, is that possession seems to play a larger role; instead of needing to be extremely powerful ghosts, apparently any ghost can just hop into any human at will. All the bits from the LEGO spoilers seem to be confirmed, unless Chris Hemsworth is unusually stiff in this movie, and it sets up a riff on another supernatural classic, proving all Regan really needed in that Georgetown bedroom was the back of Father Karras’ hand.

Also of interest is that we’re not dealing with the same personalities here. Kate McKinnon may echo Egon in her look, for example, but she seems to be the goofiest member of the group. But some things don’t change; while the ghost effects have clearly gotten an upgrade, they’re also mostly using actors in makeup to get the best effect. Which is especially important when vomiting slime all over Kristin Wiig.

In short, despite all the hand-wringing, this looks to be a new take on a classic. How will it work? We’ll find out when Ghostbusters arrives July 15.