Watch: El-P drops a ‘Run The Jewels 3’ snippet. I can barely handle it.



Hip-hop is in a much better place in the world now that Run The Jewels has made its ever-expanding, fist-shaped mark on music. Killer Mike and El-P floated through the ether taking part in some cool projects for the better part of a decade before teaming up to become arguably the most refreshing source of head-bobs and fists in the air this century.

They slapped hip-hop upside the head in 2013 with Run The Jewels, but the world failed to take notice of the fusion of punk and sludge hop mixed with introspective and political lyrics. The album failed to chart, but steady touring of their hot show got the word of their greatness out and Run The Jewels 2smashed when it was released in October of 2014. The duo didn’t stop smashing until they decided it was time to ease up and release a kitty-filled version of Run The Jewels 2 called Meow The Jewels.

When, oh when, was the third album going to come out? Badassery such as this could not let up, even if it was put on hiatus for a weird, kitty-hybrid release!

Now that El-P finished his purr-fect opus, he’s moved on to RTJ 3. Today, he released a little snippet of the upcoming album, and the beats nearly melted the headphones to my head. Listener discretion is advised for that reason. Be safe. Run The Jewels 3 is coming.