Microsoft: Xbox One will not be our last console. Me: No duh

Xbox Media Briefing

The demise of the console has been greatly exaggerated. Many thought Gen8 would be the generation that finally saw consoles give way to mobile gaming. And while that MGL (mobile gaming life, obviously) is popular, it hasn’t completely eroded us core dorkwads. So it doesn’t come as much surprise to me that Phil Spencer is already saying that there will be an Xbox Two to follow the Xbox One.


Microsoft has recently made a bid to consolidate PC gaming and console gaming; the Xbox One, for example, now runs Windows 10, allowing Xbox users and PC gamers to play together and to stream Xbox One games to PCs. And it’s left some worried that Microsoft will simply start putting out cheap gaming PCs for the living room, enough that Microsoft felt the need to put those concerns to rest.

Interestingly, though, Phil Spencer is not ruling out making the Xbox One more like a gaming PC and, conversely, forcing PC games to be more like consoles.

It’s obviously the core of what Xbox is about…We also know there are millions and millions of gamers who access Microsoft [in other ways,] whether it’s Windows, their phone, Skype — it could be many different things every day. As head of gaming inside of Microsoft, I think about how we make sure that all of those customers feel as supported and engaged as the Xbox fans do who own a game console.