‘Star Fox Zero’ Trailer: Dropping April 22, 2016 on Wii U


Star Fox Zero didn’t leave a great first impression when it debuted at this year’s E3. The game was visually bland, didn’t appear terribly exciting and reports from the show floor were that its unique GamePad-aided control scheme was cumbersome. The game was originally supposed to come out this November, but Nintendo pushed it back to 2016 at the last minute for further polish. It seems like the extra development time is already paying dividends for the game.

Nintendo revealed a new Star Fox Zero trailer as part of today’s Nintendo Direct, and the game is looking much better than it did at E3. The game’s graphics are still relatively simple, but now they look intentionally stripped-down and stylized, rather than merely blah. The action we see in the trailer also looks a lot more intense and fun than anything we saw at E3. Of course, the controls could still be clunky – hopefully they’ve improved along with the rest of the game.