Tuesday Afternoon Commute: A Toast to Earth Being Toast!


Here’s a toast to the douchebags! Here’s a toast to the gluttons! To the slave drivers, to the apathetic consumers. Here’s a toast to the MarauderCorporations! To the BottomLineSwine, to the trash mongers! Earth is Toast, so let’s share a toast! Ain’t nothing we can do about it anyways. Let’s dance while the Palaces Burn! Together! And what a perfect column to do so in.

Monday Morning Commute Tuesday Afternoon Commute. Here’s a toast to the hard workers! To the people just trying to get by, to the loved ones who love their loved ones. Monday Morning Commute Tuesday Afternoon Commute. Where us trash mongers, hard workers, BottomLineSwine, we can all gather. Share what we’re up to this week. Be it the books we’re reading, the road trips we’re taking, the kids we’re trying to raise.

We’re all in this together, so let’s hold hands as we rocket not into Space, but off the cliff.


Amon Amarth

Been rocking Amon Amarth’s Twilight of the Thunder God so hard lately. Just chunky, groovy Viking Metal. Makes me want to grow out my beard, pound meadDew, and slay mythical beasts.



Just not feeling the college this Fall. Lots of disenchantment on my side of the woods. The uncertainty of attaining classes, of having to tutor to make up the extra money, it has me wondering how long I can sustain this lifestyle. It’s the tutoring that’s grinding me down though, more than anything. It’s an hourly pay, so every student I pick up gets me paid. Problematically, every student I pick up to pay the bills is cutting into my class preparation time. So I’ve been thinking about taking the teacher licensing test in Massachusetts. Maybe segue into high school teaching. The idea of a steady check is so appealing. Of raises. Of having a classroom. Of having more time to actually teaching. It’s a hell of a feeling, though. To wake up one morning and begin to ask yourself, “am I nearing the end of this phase of my life?” I’m not sure the answer, but I’m asking the question.



Black Mass is coming out this week. And thousands upon thousands of Bostonians are going to flock to it, jerking off Whitey Bulger and forgetting he’s not a Hero but a Villain. Me? I don’t know if I’m going to see it. What I really want to see is the new Denis Villeneuve jam.

Sicario is dropping on Friday, and I simply cannot fucking wait. As of this writing, the movie stands at 91% fresh. But I will be beyond stoked even if it doesn’t end up bringing the critical heat. Denis Villeneuve is one of my up-and-coming directors, which means that I’m going to be DTF the CinematicGape of anything he’s putting out. Let’s do this


puppy struck

You know, I began writing this post on Sunday. I was ahead of the game! I intended on finishing it before it was due! But then. The puppy struck. Let me tell you, I haven’t slept in two days. She hasn’t been away from her litter or mother before. She’s never been in a crate. And she isn’t housebroken. Which leads me to my next question — how the fuck do people ever have babies?


The Taken King.

Taken King dropped today! And I bought the latest expansion for Destiny. Why? ‘Cause I’m a fucking idiot! I have Arkham KnightSleeping Dogs, and MGSV sitting. Waiting to be played. Yet I bought this. The real question? Will I play any of these before Fallout 4 drops? Probably not. Fall semester and all.


Star Wars.

Head Lopper last week was great. Actually got me to the comic book store (after buying a digital copy) for the first time in months. So I want to begin to catch up on my comics. The enormous digi-backlog, and make it a point to hit the stands every Saturday. This week I’m particularly pumped for Star Wars #9 dropping (though truthfully I had hopped for a new issue of Secret Wars), which will…get me to read Star Wars #8, too. I promise.


So that’s me, folks. Behind schedule, sleep-deprived, and hoping to read Funnies and Get To The Movies. How about you?