Obvious Rumor: More Batman, Less Superman wanted in ‘Batman v Superman’ by Warner Bros.

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

Sad but true: no one gives a comparative fuck about Superman. Everyone goes goddamn crazy for the Lunatic Fascist Bat-Guy. Everyone. Myself not included. And so it makes sense that Warner Bros. wants more of the Ben Affleck-helmed Bat in Dawn of Justice. Some think this is a victory for Affleck, but I don’t. Goddamn corpse of George Carlin could be playing Batman in that movie, and everyone would want more.


Heroic Hollywood has a new “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” rumor from an unnamed source that goes all the way to the top. This unverified info posits that Warner Bros. likes what they’ve seen of Ben Affleck’sperformance as Batman so much that they want more of him in the movie — and less of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

According to the rumor, Affleck “is so good that he is blowing Henry Cavill’s Superman right off the screen.” This rumor could prove to be good news to those that initially balked at the idea of the former “Daredevil” star donning a superhero suit once again. And Affleck’s proven himself to be a critical success in the time since then, thanks to films like “Argo” and “Gone Girl.”

The rumor does fall in line with a previous report that stated that Affleck was working with noted DC Comics writer Geoff Johns on a solo Batman film — one that Affleck would also direct. No updates have been given regarding the status of an Affleck-directed “Batman” solo film, specifically regarding a timetable for it’s release considering DC’s pa