‘Star Wars’ Portraits capture the characters during their moments of relaxation

Vader Tea Time.

I always pegged Vader as enjoying some tea. When he’s not abandoning his children, committing genocide, or having an asthma attack. Now thanks to these portraits I can see him partaking in such a moment of calm! Plus, these portraits feature  bits of momentary repose for some of the other characters from the Star Wars universe.

Robot 6:

Beyond a couple of forays into dangerous bars, and Anakin and Padme unwatchable getaway to Naboo’s Lake Country, the Star Wars films haven’t offered much of a window into the characters’ leisure time. Granted, conquering galaxies and toppling evil empires doesn’t leave much of an opportunity for play.

And that’s a shame, really, because seeing how a Sith Lord or a Jedi Grand Master unwinds — does Darth Vader prefer chamomile to help him relax? — might provide insight into the characters. That’s where artist Kyle Hagey comes in, with this terrific series of images depicting Star Wars characters enjoying their down time.

At least we think Master Yoda is enjoying himself, even though it kind of looks like he’s flipping off the neighbor kids. Of course, that may hold a certain pleasure in itself.

(via deMilked)

Bicycling Jango Fett Clones.

Tea Time.


Gardening and shit!