‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Gameplay Trailer: Wherein She Raids Actual Tombs

Rise of the Tomb Raider is probably my second most anticipated game of 2015, outside of Fallout 4. Unfortunately, Lara Croft’s next installment drops on the same fucking day as the latter. None the less — here is more gorgeous gameplay.


I loved the last Tomb Raider game, so I’ve been jazzed to see more from Rise of the Tomb Raider. Unfortunately, it feels like everything packed into the trailers and stage presentationsinvolves Lara blowing dudes up or nearly falling off a cliff. The latest footage, however, is great!

There was a distinct lack of tomb raidin’ in the last game, but Crystal Dynamics has been promising much more of that in the sequel.

This new footage from Gamescom is the studio putting their money where their mouth is.