James Wan is producing a new ‘Mortal Kombat’ movie

Mortal Kombat

James Wan (Furious 7) is producing a new Mortal Kombat movie. This doesn’t really do anything for me. Other than making me want to rewatch the original flick.


Things are about to get a little faster and more furious for the upcoming “Mortal Kombat” reboot from New Line Cinema and Broken Road as “Furious 7″ director James Wan joins the project as a producer, according to Tracking Board.

Stalemated for some time, the upcoming film now seems to have gained new life, as Wan’s previous films have not only proven themselves as massive financial successes but also filled with the type of high-octane, over-the-top action that fits into the world of the “Mortal Kombat” video games. That said, this particular version has been described by the studio as “a departure from the mythology” with “darker, brutally real martial arts.” So, maybe more “Raid 2″ than “DragonBall Z,” which sure, why not?

Scripted by “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” web series writer Oren Uziel and “Expendables” writer Dave Callaham, the movie follows an seemingly ordinary guy who finds himself pulled into the war between Earth and Outworld and must win the Mortal Kombat tournament in over to save the world from total destruction.