Weekend Open Bar: Just trying to live my life as a decent (Hawk)guy


It’s the Weekend, man. Which means the Bar is Open! I’m feeling particularly relaxed this weekend. Most of this relaxation is due in part to the momentary lull in the Maelstrom that is Home Ownership. Purchase and Sale: signed. House appraisal by the bank: done. Now it’s merely a thousand or so documents to be faxed by us to the Corporate Overlords, and awaiting the official closing. Additionally, my summer class is winding down. Just one more week, and ain’t no teaching taking place during it (not my choice, but I will not complain about not having to lesson plan until September). So life is good. Relaxed, I dare say. So yeah, weekend is lining up to be a enjoyable: some Lucha Underground, some DVR purging, some time with Bae. Pizza, obviously.

And chatting with you! With you folks! What are you up to this weekend? Catching Ant-Man? Finishing off the Fraction+Aja run on Hawkguy, tissues nearby? Share it all. Your plans, your hopes, your dreams, your favorite GIFs. So long as it’s in the name of community and that OL-specific train of mentally-ill-positivity, I welcome it.