Weekend Open Bar: Space Kitty and the Limitless Finite

space kittiesz

The Purchase & Sale is signed, folks. SAM-OMEGA and I are getting really, really close to thirty years of DEBT SLAVERY. And I’ll level with you: I could not be more excited. The idea of my own study, replete with fluid-splashed surroundings and toy shelves makes me excited. A giant ass backyard for a mutt-ass dog makes me excited. No longer living under Rock-Eating Typical Bostonians who scream wildly at the Prole-O-Vision while I’m trying to lesson plan for the next days’s class makes me excited. Now all that is left (and granted, this is a big “all that is left”) is the appraisal and the bank concretely agreeing to lend us, you know. Hundreds of thousands (*vomitvomitvomit*) of dollars. So come. Celebrate with me, here at Weekend Open Bar.

The weekly fete where we clink glasses and incinerate space-weed as a means to congratulate ourselves for making it through another week. We share what we’re going to eat, plumping ourselves up in corpulent jubilation. We share gifs we’re going to stare at. We share the movies we’re watching, the existential fears we’re wrangling, the comic books we’re going to be reading. Anything! Everything! Is Welcomed! So long as it is in the typical OL-vein of positivity and community.

Let’s celebrate the weekend!