Tuesday Evening Commute: AutoRobotic Experimentation


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute Tuesday Evening Commute! Bit of a hectic week. The house I thought Sam-OMEGA and I weren’t buying we are now buying. Which means stripping our bank accounts down to the bone to sacrifice at the altar of the Debt Gods. On top of that there is the summer class I’m teaching. On top of the students I’m tutoring. On top of the hours upon hours of placement essays my co-workers and I are reading to decide which English class incoming freshmen will be enrolled into (yes, someone has made the mistake of placing me on a committee with that sort of authority). So yes.

The Monday Column has been Temporarily Transmuted into a Tuesday Evening Column. But now that we’re here! This is TEC – the column where the OMEGA-COLLECTIVE shares what they’re looking forward to during a given week.

The arts! The farts! The movies-comics-games! Everything! Share what’s going down in your world.


Mr. Robot is so fucking good.

Are you watching Mr. Robot?


Playing some Arkham Knight.


Injection by Warren Ellis, Shalvey, and Bellaire is great.

It’s a revived, R-Rated Planetary.


So yeah Purchase & Sale for our house is happening.

On Friday. Barring (another) catastrophe.


Between the Buried & Me‘s new album officially drops.

Who got the CD+MakingOfDVD+TShirt+Poster package?

This guy!


Really want to see Inside Out this weekend.

I think I’m fucking going to! Try and stop me!


Fucking Seat Belt Indicator on my car is futzed.

Warning keeps beeping. I’m going to lose my mind.


San Diego Comic-Con this week! Maybe Lucasfilm lied.

Maybe we really are getting a new Force Awakens trailer?



What are you Degenerates looking forward to this week? Thinking about? Enjoying? Hit me!