James Gunn futzing loves the ‘Ant-Man’ movie


The initial reports out of Ant-Man were that it was, surprisingly, an enjoyable flick to most. Being a Marvel fanboy, I took this to mean I would like it (to some extent). And now the director of my favorite Marvel movie has come out in support of the film. Granted, what’s he going to do? Bash a movie from the studio that is supporting him? Probably not. But the level, and forcefulness of his support makes me optimistic.


Director James Gunn, who caught Ant-Man at its Los Angeles premiere this week, gushed that it may just be his third-favorite Marvel movie of all time, after Iron Man and his own Guardians of the Galaxy. Hey, the guy was right aboutDaredevil. Read the James Gunn Ant-Man review after the jump. 

Gunn unleashed a torrent of effusive praise for Ant-Man on Facebook:

Ant-Man may just be my favorite Marvel film since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (well, maybe excluding one film to which I’m partial). Honestly, the movie is a complete blast! I was so happy after seeing it. It’s never boring for a second and it’s hilarious and warm throughout. It doesn’t get caught up in the webbing of its own science-fiction concept like so many movies do these days, remaining simple and elegant. It’s a part of the Marvel universe without being ruled by that fact.

He went on to rave about the cast, including Paul Rudd (“nuanced and charming and funny and is a surprisingly natural fit as a modern superhero”) and Michael Peña (“this movie is going to make him a huge star”). And then:

I think all of Peyton Reed’s years directing have led him to making something as deft and nimble and joyous as this; he did an incredible job. And, despite Edgar Wright’s parting from Marvel, his spirit is felt through the entire project, and there is no doubt everyone owes him a huge debt of gratitude.