Weekend Open Bar: I Don’t Know How This Works But Let’s Work It Anyway

i don't konw

Our great Captain Caffeine is about a trillion light-years away from his usual spot in the cosmos, doing super cool and high-spirited married things that bring new meaning and mirth to his life, while the rest of us have been stuck in the doldrums of dull work and the even duller day-to-day routine for another week. But not anymore! I am here with some good news, friends: We made it to another weekend, a time when not only does all this malaise die a most righteous death, but when real good living and rocking good times spring eternal for all who are willing and sufficiently wild. I’ve taken it upon myself to forge ahead without Caffeine–some might call this a minor act of mutiny, but let’s keep this positive–so tell me exactly why your life is going to be ridiculously enjoyable over the next few days. What are you doing? What will you experience? But most importantly, what on earth will you eat? Welcome to Weekend Open Bar with your temporary captain, Eduardo Pluto.