‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ sequel has a title, ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’


Listen, this pretty much isn’t even news. But goddamn everybody with any shred of taste is losing their mind about Fury Road, so I’m going to continue being PUMPED about that movie by covering any shred of content related to.


Capping off “Mad Max: Fury Road’s” opening weekend by joining Twitter, director George Miller announced Sunday, “there’s more Max to come,” which should come as no surprise, considering both his previous comments and star Tom Hardy’s revelationthat he signed on for three sequels.

However, Miller wasn’t quite finished: Appearing on the podcast The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, the filmmaker also divulged the title of the first sequel, which is already written. “We’ve got one screenplay and a novella,” he said. “It happened because, with the delays [on ‘Fury Road’], and writing all the backstories, they just expanded.”

And the title? “Mad Max: The Wasteland,” which should give fans plenty to think about while they’re watching “Fury Road” for a second time.