Holy Meta! Steven Spielberg directing ‘Ready Player One’

ready player one

Holy cannoli, down the rabbit hole we go. Steven Spielberg is directing Ready Player One, which was a coming of age novel based off of lavishly wanking it to (among other things) an era where…Steven Spielberg was directing wonderful…coming of age movies.

The Verge:

Written by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One takes place in a dystopian future where everyone jacks into an artificial VR world known as OASIS. After its creator dies, people discover that an elaborate easter egg has been left somewhere inside OASIS, and whoever finds the prize first inherits the creator’s entire estate. Central to the search for the easter egg are a litany of pop culture references, many focused around the 1980s. A number of Spielberg films, and the filmmaker himself, are all referenced in the book, opening up the opportunity for a self-referential film that seems right in line with the source material.

Still though. I’m down with this #INCEPTIONHORN descent into the choice of director.